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Idol-making artisans facing uncertain future


GAURIPUR, Oct 2 - The idols makers of Durga and her siblings are presently facing an uncertain future as they are facing a lot of problems for their survival.

The artisans of Gauripur, Golokganj and Halakura area traditionally making various types of idols of Gods and Goddesses during the year and they are suffering a lot of difficulties due to the soaring prices of commodities necessary for making the idols like bamboo, paddy straw, thread etc. Three types of adhesive clay, various types of colour, clothes, ornaments, weapons etc., have become costly. Over and above, they have to hire labourers to complete the idols within a specific time. As these materials are locally not available, they have to purchase them from Kolkata. This year, a big size of the idol of Durga costs around Rs 30,000, a medium size Rs 25,000 and the smaller one Rs 15,000. The puja committees fail to pay the amount on time. This has also made the artisans financially weak.

Artisans Babul Paul, Binoy Kumar Paul, Sudhir Paul, Munindra Malakar, Karen Malakar are now busy in giving finishing touches to the idols of Devi Durga and her siblings. Almost all the artisans told this correspondent that they have had to work for the whole year as they could not earn their livelihood only by selling the idols of Devi Durga. They also expressed their anxiety as the young generation is not at all interested to continue this profession and that the government should come forward to help them in their profession.

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