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Id-uj-Zuha celebrated in State

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Nov 17 � Id-uj-Zuha, the holy festival of the Muslims, was celebrated with religious fervour and traditional gaiety across the State along with the rest of the country today.

On this holy occasion, the Muslims pledge to shed all undesirable qualities and imbibe the spirit of sacrifice as symbolized by the qurbani.

The city also had its fair share of the festivities, with devout Muslims thronging the Idgah maidans (grounds) since morning to offer namaz and seek the blessings of Allah the Almighty.

The Idgahs at Machkhowa, Hatigaon, Sijubari, Garigaon, Ulubari, Chandmari, Jyotinagar, Panjabari, etc., saw visitors in huge numbers as the devotees made a beeline for the grounds in the morning. The proceedings in these places of worship started with an explanation of the significance of the day by the religious heads of the mosques. This was followed by the community namaz after which people greeted one another by embracing and saying Id mubarak.

In the afternoon, people visited friends and relatives and enjoyed Id feasts.

Cultural functions were also held at some localities.

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