Shellard, a 62-year-old farmer from England, has started selling horse milk. Shellard is thought to be the only farmer in the UK offering horse milk commercially. He has 14 horses, each of which can produce up to 14 litres of milk a day. Shellard drinks at least one of those litres in the morning and is convinced that horse milk has great health benefits, specially in improvement of gut health. The milk, which will cost £6.50 for a 250 ml bottle is high in Vitamin C and iron, can help ease eczema. A report saysit has levels of lactose and casein that are closer to human breast milk and higher than what’s found in cow milk. But the bigger question remain: whether British public would drink it or not. It is probably all down to how Brits perceive horses in the UK. People do not see horses as farmed animals, and they don’t really look like milk machines. However, if it tastes good enough, any reservations may soon pass.