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Higher Secondary results declared

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, June 2 - The results of the Higher Secondary examinations 2016, conducted by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, have recorded improved pass percentage in all the three streams � Arts, Science and Commerce � with students from different parts of the State clinching the coveted top ranks.

The results, which were declared today, saw a higher pass percentage compared to that of last year, which is being viewed as a big boost to the education scenario. While the Arts stream recorded pass percentage of 79.92, the pass percentage in Commerce and Science was 86.01 and 90.96, respectively. In 2015, the pass percentages were 74.07 (Arts), 81.82 (Commerce) and 86.76 (Science).

The toppers in the three streams are Rupsikha Kalita (Arts) of Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon, Rajneesh Bharadwaj (Commerce) of Gauhati Commerce College and Ankur Jyoti Bora (Science) of Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon.

In the Arts stream among the districts, Dhemaji had the highest pass percentage of 94.76 and last year also the district had topped with 93.77 pass percentage. While Lakhimpur recorded a pass percentage of 92.58, Darrang has recorded the pass percentage of 90.71. Most of the districts improved their pass percentage in the Arts stream compared that of last year.

In Commerce stream, Dhemaji was the best performing district with a pass percentage of 98.12, followed by Morigaon (96.31) and Nalbari (95.24).

In Science, Dhemaji again topped the pass percentage with 95.89, followed by Jorhat (95.48) and Darrang (95.33).

In all, 1,90,899 (Arts), 15,942 (Commerce) and 33,822 (Science) candidates appeared in this year�s HS examinations. Of the successful candidates, 23,795 secured first division in Arts, 3,330 secured first division in Commerce and 19,397 secured first division in Science.

Retaining its earlier records, the Gauhati Commerce College again excelled this year with eight students from this college securing positions in the top ten merit list. Along with the first, the second and third ranks were also bagged by students from the college.

Cotton College showed improvement this year in comparison to 2015 with six of its students securing positions among the top ten in the Science stream.

The results of the Vocational stream, also declared today, showed a pass percentage of 83.98, a marked improvement from 79.45 per cent registered in 2015. In all, 739 candidates were successful out of 880 who had appeared for the exam.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has extended his wishes to the successful candidates of the HS examinations. He has also congratulated the guardians and teachers on the remarkable success of the students and expressed that these brilliant students will bring laurels for the State in future.

Among those who extended their wishes to the successful candidates include the BJP, Assam Pradesh, the BJYM, Assam Pradesh, APCC, AASU, AGP, and many others.

List of toppers

Science Stream

1st � Ankur Jyoti Bora (Engl, Mass, Phys, Chem, Stat, Math) 488, Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon; 2nd � Pratyai Sarma (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math)486, Morigaon College, Morigaon; 3rd � Dipankar Boruah (Engl, Mass, Math, Chem, Biol, Phys) 484, Pragjyotika Junior College, Titabor; 4th � Bhargob Kakoty (Engl, Mass, Stat, Chem, Math) 483, Cotton College, Guwahati; 5th � Nishigandha Phukan (Engl, Mass, Biol, Chem, Math, Phys) 482, North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur; Sheikh Md Shakeel Hassan (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math, Biol) 482, Concept Junior College, Nagaon; 6th � Anirban Dey (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math, Biol) 481, Cotton College, Guwahati; 7th � Harshika Rathi (Engl, Alte, Phys, Math, Chem, Stat) 480, North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur; 8th � Prerona Hazarika (Engl, Alte, Biol, Chem, Math, Phys) 476, Reliance College Jr, Golaghat; Abhigyan Goswami (Engl, Mass, Phys, Chem, Math) 476, Cotton College, Guwahati; Subasish Kar (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math) 476, Cotton College, Guwahati; 9th � Kangkana Kalita (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math, Stat) 475, Tezpur Science Academy, Sonitpur; 10th � Suranjan Dev Sarma (Engl, Alte, Phys, Chem, Math, Biol) 474, Bajali College, Pathsala; Boishali Dutta (Engl, Mass, Math, Chem, Biol, Phys) 474, Pragya Academy Junior College, Jorhat; Antareep Kumar Sarma (Engl, Mass, Phys, Chem, Math) 474, Cotton College, Guwahati; Neeraj Das (Engl, Mass, Phys, Chem, Math) 474, Cotton College, Guwahati; Gunjan Kalita (Engl, Mass, Chem, Phys, Math, Biol) 474, Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza.

Arts Stream

1st� Rupsikha Kalita (Engl, Mass, Hist, Loph, Geog, Posc) 486, Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon; 2nd � Animesh Bhagabati (Engl, Mass, Posc, Econ, Hist, Educ) 479, Kaki Junior College, Nagaon; 3rd � Karishma Saikia (Engl, Alte, Posc, Hist, Geog, Educ) 477, Crescent Academy, Jorhat; 4th � Arundhuti Patangia (Engl, Mass, Econ, Geog, Soci, Educ) 476, Darrang College, Tezpur; 5th � Neelofar Hussain (Engl, Alte, Econ, Educ, Geog, Posc) 475, Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon ; 6th � Ilakshi Nazir (Engl, Mass, Posc, Econ, Loph, Anth) 474, Krishna Kanta Handiqui Jr College, Pathsala; Rajashree Boruah (Engl, Alte, Posc, Hist, Educ, Geog) 474, Ramanujan Junior College, Nagaon; 7th � Jintu Thakuria (Engl, Mass, Posc, Econ, Loph, Educ) 473, Institutional Private; 8th � Bidisha Saikia (Engl, Mass, Educ, Loph, Posc, Econ) 471, Furkating Junior College, Golaghat; Priti Bora (Engl, Mass, Educ, Posc, Loph, Econ) 471, Nagaon Govt Boys H S School, Nagaon; Mrigakhi Das (Engl, Mass, Econ, Geog, Soci, Educ) 471, Darrang College, Tezpur; Mousumi Baruah (Engl, Mass, Econ, Educ, Loph, Posc) 471; National Pioneer Jr College, Tangla; 9th � Swagata Baruah (Engl, Alte, Econ, Educ, Psyc, Posc) 470; Salt Brook Academy, Dibrugarh; 10th � Nirupama Roy (Engl, Mass, Posc, Loph, Adas, Econ) 468, Bajali H S School, Pathsala; Trishna Saikia (Engl, Alte, Posc, Soci, Hist, Econ) 468, Crescent Academy, Jorhat; Gautami Bezbaruah (Engl, Mass, Econ, Educ, Posc, Loph) 468, Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, Guwahati; Renu Sarmah (Engl, Alte, Posc, Geog, Loph, Educ) 468, Institutional Private; Upasana Nath (Engl, Mass, Posc, Sans, Educ, Econ) 468, Institutional Private; Maitreya Rajan Mahanta (Engl, Alte, Posc, Soci, Loph) 468, Arunodoi Academy, Amguri, Sibsagar; Geetashree Rajkumari (Engl, Alte, Posc, Loph, Soci, Geog) 468, Institutional Private; Homen Saikia (Engl, Mass, Posc, Hist, Adas, Econ) 468, Kalabari H S School, Sonitpur.

Commerce Stream

1st � Rajneesh Bharadwaj (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 474, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; 2nd � Swati Jain (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ, Cmst) 473, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; 3rd � Sukriti Modi (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Cmst, Econ) 464, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; Puja Agarwala (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Cmst, Bnkg) 464, Lanka Junior College, Nagaon; 4th� Deepjyoti Pantha Sarma (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Bnkg) 463, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; 5th � Akhil Agarwal (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 462, Ramanuj Gupta Jr College, Silchar; 6th � Arijit Naha (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Cmst) 461, Sankardev Junior College, Hojai; Siddhartha Das (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 461, Sankardev Junior College, Hojai; 7th � Deepmoni Patir (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Cmst, Econ) 460, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; Anjali Gupta (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Bnkg, Econ) 460, KC Das Commerce College, Guwahati; 8th � Bhaskar Singh (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 459, Brilliant Academy, Mangaldoi; Arindom Mudoi (Engl, Mass, Acou, Bust, Bnkg) 459, Institutional Private; Rinisha Sen (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Bnkg, Econ) 459, Darrang College, Tezpur; 9th � Pooja Kumari (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Bnkg, Econ) 458, Genius Academy Jr College, Lakhimpur; 10th � Nishant Agarwal (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Cmst) 457, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; Juhi Jain (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 457, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; Silpa Garodia (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Math) 457, Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati; Garima Sharma (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ, Math) 457, KC Das Commerce College, Guwahati; Priya Sharma (Engl, Alte, Acou, Bust, Econ) 457, RD Junior College, Digboi.

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