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High Court judge faces corruption charges


AGARTALA, Aug 9 � A sitting Judge of Gauhati High Court, Agartala Bench is facing corruption charges after a Senior Advocate lodged specific complaints with the Chief Justice of India (CJI) seeking impeachment of the Judge.

This is for the first time that a sitting Judge of Gauhati High Court faces corruption charge causing ripples in the judicial fraternity in the State.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Sujit Kumar Datta, a senior advocate revealed that he made an appeal to the CJI to bring the motion of impeachment before the Parliament against Justice UB Saha for his corrupt practices.

Seeking an investigation into the malpractices of Justice Saha, Advocate Datta said, �Corruption practiced by Justice Saha are very serious involving question of integrity, misuse of public money, honesty, uprightness, fairness of a Judge�.

In a letter addressed to the CJI on August 6, Datta alleged that Justice Saha had travelled eight times by air in Business Class since 2008-2011 though he is not entitled to it.

In support of the allegation, Datta placed documents obtained through RTI which states that there is no record available with the Registrar of the High Court as to whether the Judge is entitled to air travel by Business Class.

Datta further alleged that Justice Saha is not entitled to claim anything for sight seeing or local journey during LTC but he realised Rs 48,371 for sight seeing and local journey in Pune way back 2008 and Rs 67,879 for sight seeing and local journey in the same place in 2010.

Datta further said that Justice Saha had realised Rs 1,16,785 for LTC for traveling from Agartala to Bhubaneswar for three persons in 2009 but Justice CR Sharma, the other sitting Judge of the same High Court for the same journey under LTC in 2009 from Guwahati to Bhubaneswar claimed only Rs 59,591.

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