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Guwahati traffic jams a handicap in disaster management

By The Assam Tribune

GUWAHATI, June 2 (PTI): The National Disaster Management Authority

has identified traffic jams and narrow roads in Guwahati as major

handicaps in disaster management measures during high magnitude earthquakes.

NDMA vice-chairman M Shashidhar Reddy said that traffic bottlenecks

were found to be a major impediment in coming up with a quick response

to disaster situations during surveys conducted as part of the multi-stage

mega mock drill recently.

"The traffic jams here will be a major gap during disaster management

in the event of earthquakes," Reddy said.

He said 64 narrow roads in the bustling city had been identified

for widening to facilitate effective management of disasters like earthquakes.

"We will take up the issue with the Planning Commission and the

Prime minister for providing funds to the state government to widen

the roads," he said.

Five locations in the city were assessed for their earthquake preparedness

- schools, hospitals, shopping malls, government offices and commercial

and residential buildings.

The purpose of the multi-stage mega mock drill was to identify gaps,

generate public awareness and try to build the first response team,

he said.

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