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Govt to spend tax-payers� money for celebration

By Staff reporter

GUWAHATI, May 19 � The Assam Government is spending substantial amounts of the tax payers� money to celebrate the completion of four years of the present ministry and from the minutes of the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary on May 14 to review the preparations, it is clear that the government would have to spend funds earmarked for development activities for the celebrations.

The State Government is celebrating completion of four years of the present Ministry in a function to be held on May 23 and from the minutes of the meeting, which is available with The Assam Tribune, it is evident that officers of different government departments would have to bring in people for the celebrations, but it is not specified from where the funds would be made available for the same.

The minutes of the meeting, which was attended by senior officials of different government departments, stated that one thousand members of self-help groups, one thousand progressive farmers, one thousand members of village defence parties, 150 NCC cadets, three thousand Anganwadi workers, five hundred JFM members, five hundred gaonburhas, etc., would be brought to the meeting by the concerned departments. The minutes said that Asha workers would also be brought to the meeting from different parts of the State.

Interestingly, the meeting decided that the concerned departments would have to �take necessary action for transportation and refreshment of the persons to be brought for the meeting as may be deemed appropriate by them.�

However, there is no mention from where the departments would get the funds required for transportation of people from different areas and to arrange for their refreshment. Official sources also admitted that the government departments do not have funds earmarked for such actions like bringing in people for attending meetings and it is apparent that the officers would be forced to divert funds from projects.

The meeting also decided that at least 40 prominent persons would be brought from each of the more than 200-odd development blocks, but in this regard also, there is no mention from which account the BDOs would spend the money for the purpose.

It may be mentioned here that the government is constructing a pandel to accommodate 1200 persons and the dais would be big enough to put 40 chairs. A decision has also been taken to provide for drinking water and toilet facilities at the venue.

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