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Golakganj threatened by massive erosion

By Correspondent

GAURIPUR, June 28 - Massive erosion caused by the Gangadhar river in many areas under Agomani and Golakganj circles is posing serious threat to the existence of the villages Mora Gangadhar Char, Maisa Purni, East Ratiadaha, Kamuri, Lakshmimari, Dimakuri, Satandanga, Binnachara and some other river-side areas of the circles.

The rising water of the turbulent river has already innundated vast areas of cultivation and specially jute cultivation has been badly affected. The people residing on the river bank have had to shift their houses to safer localities. The condition of the domestic animals is said to be serious as there is dearth of fodder for the animals.

The entire North Tokrechara village was swallowed last year and the villagers have had to take shelter on the embankment for long without any steps for their rehabilitation. The river has already washed away a large part of the Golakganj town and has caused serious threat to the Rahmatganj ME Senior Madrassa.

Aswini Kumar Ray Sarkar, local MLA visited the affected areas recently and took stock of the grave situation and assured the people of taking preventive measures for further erosion. The cremation ground of Golakganj located on the eastern bank of the river has turned into an island as the river washed away the route connecting the crematorium and as a result the people have had to perform last rites of their dead relatives on the bank causing hardships to the people residing nearby.

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