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Global online Bhupendra Sangeet competition

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Jan 4 � The Dr Bhupen Hazarika Foundation (BHF) and maZumba Media and Entertainment will jointly conduct a global online Bhupendra Sangeet contest.

According to the organisers, the objective of the contest is to stimulate a thirst for knowledge as well as a winning mindset about two key aspects of life: conduct in society and awareness about the environment.

�We believe these two aspects, if understood properly, can open up very real possibilities for an individual to be a positive influence. With this initiative we want to widen the scope of the popular annual manifestation of Bhupendra Sangeet competitions beyond musical ability as a criterion for entry and winning. We hope to make a difference in that regard by establishing standards, guidelines and training in order to enrich the knowledge base of the contestants,� said the organisers.

The organisers further said that Dr Hazarika was not just a popular singer-song writer, but also a thinker and communicator of progressive ideas for a humane society. In general, bringing education to the masses was a central concern for him. For example, in his songs, he uses historical events and geographical boundaries both in their literal and emotional sense. A vast variety of such involved scenarios and narratives, about many subjects, written in exemplary Assamese, run through his hundreds of songs.

�So too, a contextual comprehension of his lyrics, we believe, can broaden the perspective necessary for a singer to be an effective �story-teller� and �performer� and �influencer�. We sincerely believe that the discipline required to qualify and participate in our contest will benefit other aspects of contestants� lives. However, the ultimate reward for the contestant, in our view, should be the joyful experience of discovering the miracle of their own voice,� added the organisers.

The organisers will seek ways to work closely with senior artistes like Shudhakshina Sarma, Samar Hazarika and many others who dedicated their creative efforts to keep the memory of Dr Bhupen Hazarika alive.

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