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Gauripur Royal Estate�s cannon lying in a neglected state


GAURIPUR, Dec 16 - The cannon (bortop), a valuable property of the Gauripur Royal Estate having archaeological importance is presently lying in front of the Hawamahal, the summer resort of the zaminders, in a very sorry state calling out for the attention of all concerned.

The history of the Royal family of Gauripur Royal Estate tells that two cannons were found at Rangamati, the ancestral capital of the Royal Estate weighing about 9 tonnes each and made of valuable metals during the period of Kabindra Patra, the founder zaminder of the Gauripur Royal Estate. It was also stated that the cannons were found during the period of battle with the Mughal emperors.

During the period of the coronation of Nripendra Narayan on the throne of the Coochbehar Kingdom, Kabindra Patra presented a cannon to him as a token of respect and love and the other cannon was kept in his own custody.

Raja Pratap Chandra Barua, the zaminder of Rangamati Estate shifted his capital from Rangamati to Gauripur in 1850 but he died after a few years. His adopted son, Raja Prabhat Chandra Barua, became the zaminder of the estate. He was the real architect of Gauripur Royal Estate. During his period, the Hawamahal was built on the top of the Matiabag hillock, which is surrounded by the Gadadhar rivulet and the cannon was kept in front of the Hawamahal. During that period, the tradition of Durga Puja, Ranachandi Puja being celebrated during the auspicious Dashami Tithi began and the cannon was also worshipped alongside. The same tradition still continues.

Some miscreants tried to steal the cannon in 1989 as it contains valuable metals but they failed in their attempt. Later on, the cannon was recovered from the Gadadhar river with the help of some expert labourers and presently it is kept tied-up open on a pucca platform in front of the Hawamahal.

During the period of the first rule of the AGP government, attempts had been made to acquire the Hawamahal along with the cannon but it failed due to disagreement among the successors of the Royal family.

People of greater Gauripur area, especially the intellectuals have urged the government to come forward and to acquire the property giving reasonable compensation and preserve the valuable property as the entire complex of Hawamahal has got historical and archaeological importance.

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