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Flood situation grim in Lakhimpur

By Correspondent

NORTH LAKHIMPUR, Sept 23 � Incessant rains over the past week have caused pre-autumnal flood in Lakhimpur district with all major rivers flowing above the danger level at various places in the past 24 hours.

According to Water Resources Department, the Brahmaputra today was flowing 2.61 metres above the danger level at Jamugurighat, Lakhimpur, while river Subansiri was flowing at 0.77 metres above the danger level at Ghansarai. The same river was also flowing above danger marks at Silikhaguri and at Dhalghat today. Threatening the North Lakhimpur town, the river Ranganadi was flowing at the level of 94.7 metres (danger level 95.02 metres) at the Railway Bridge and its level has been increasing. The information posted by the North East Electric Power Corporation on its website today, the Ranganadi dam over river Ranganadi in Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh has partially opened its third gate releasing 281.580 cumecs of water (at 1500 hours) to the downstream of the river at the water level of 567.000 metres at 1600 hours.

Similarly, river Dikrong is also flowing 0.52 metres over the danger level at Sisapathar RCC bridge while river Singra reached the danger level of 93.16 metres at NH-52 bridge and its level is increasing. The rivers of Pabha and Kakoi were also flowing over the danger levels in Lakhimpur district today. Likewise, the Bogeenadi and Durpang rivers are flowing at an alarming level and they may cross the danger level if the rains do not stop.

The latest flood has already affected wide areas in Dhakuwakhona subdivision of Lakhimpur district following the breach in the Sisi-Tekeliphoota embankment off Brahmaputra at Sisi in neighbouring Machkhowa region of Dhemaji district. The flood water flowed over the Dhakuwakhona-Ghilamora PWD road disrupting road communication of Dhakuwakhona subdivision with district headquarters North Lakhimpur.

About more than two lakh of people three hundred villages in twelve Gaon Panchayats namely, Harhi, Gandhiya, Denukhonda, Batomari, Dhakuwakhona Esat, Dangdhora, Maatmora, Dimoruguri, Kherkota, Singiya, Kekuri, Sonari-Chapori, etc., have been affected in Dhakuwakhona by this flood.

Meanwhile, the Lakhimpur district administration has readied itself to meet any eventuality of the flood by keeping relief materials, medicines and rescue teams stand-by in North Lakhimpur.

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