I can’t be yours,

Your tears still call today,

There is no way to wipe them,

Time has taken you away

From my heart,

Explained at a selfish time,

Deep love, sometimes hurts the heart.

Heramba Nath,Kamrup.



With a cup of red tea,

And, in a loud voice, coughing.

Asking about my future,

And, wishing me all the best.

Upakul Talukdar,Barpeta.



The world has nothing to offer,

Sing thyself the favourite lyrics,

Nurture the remnants of agony,

Concealed beneath the woollen attire,

If a morrow waits,

With stabbers sharpening their tongues,

Announce the world!

Dear warrior,

Announce! Thy breastplate is new.

Nikita Mitra,Moranhat.


New Resurgence

Arrival of a day again,

Comes new access,

To grab all mystical ventures,

Once again, the mind is set with new intent,

Some to achieve, rest to dream,

Not too high, but seem burly,

Walking into it, thought instigated.

Once again, mind encased

With new quests, slowly,

But, with positive creed,

Ambled with blessed outlook.

Syeda Shabina Rahman, Via e-mail.


The Greachers and the Creature

You may think our universe is the only one,

But, what if I tell you there is another one like this?

Deep within that world, inside the outer core,

A huge creature lays furled, 100 miles long, maybe more!

And, on the surface of that planet,

Made from pure granite,

Live millions of tiny creatures,

Who are known as Greachers.

They loved light,

And, their sun shone bright.

One day it was gone,

And, they had to find a way to live on.

Now, Greachers have this useful gadget on the tip of their noses,

It is also on the points of their toes.

They call it their vades,

Which look like small spades,

With diamond-tipped edges,

Useful for making large wedges.

With their vades, they tunnelled deep into the centre,

When suddenly a voice boomed: “Who dares enter!”

The Greachers cried out in fear,

Just loud enough for the creature to hear.

“It’s all right,” it said, “I’m not going to hurt you,”

“Come sit with me, there is a wonderful view,”

The Greachers sat, the huge creature was right!

Lava bubbling, causing rocks to take flight!

That is how they sit now, the Greachers and the huge thing,

And, they will never leave the spot, watching the rocks being flinged.

Not a bad way to live, passing the hours,

But, I think you’ll agree with me when I say I prefer ours.

Ahana Kanoi, Oxford, UK.