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By The Assam Tribune

Memories and Us

The euphoria of blended emotions,

Enveloping the warm bouquet of my memories.

They say memories stay with us forever,

I say memories force us to stay forever.

Wrapped amidst the arms of tortured souls,

Memories keep us alive, the throbbing sensation

Is a ride of uptown whirlpools,

Drastically feeding on our souls.

Aren’t they tenacious for metaphors?

Sunken vestige that inundates their shallow pride;

Often deviates our mind from the fact –

Memories also burn us alive.

Sukanya Duwarah,



Mr Anthropocene

My body is cold burnt,

In this infinite dark void,

I aspire to feel my old sun,

And see the stars

Dancing in the sky,

Desire burns to see my long left home.

But, what I saw wasn’t hell alone,

The seas were dry,

The air choked with haze,

The sky shrouded with darkness,

Fishes stranded next to

The decay of a concrete jungle,

Trees burning in an inferno,

Enveloping its children,

Until all living was dead.

My first step was dusted off,

As I put forth the second,

Everything that I ever saw,

Laid in rubbles now.

My memories, nothing more

Than long-forgotten lore,

Everywhere these eyes gazed,

Only the remains remained.

Still, my land exists,

To ache with what’s left of it.

As no legs stand,

To march the dawn of a new epoch.

Minhaz Ansari,



Random Thoughts

The time between you and me,

Let me wrap it up,

Fold it, even out the creases,

And, set it aside.

If you ask me to,

I will burn into a thousand pieces,

If you ask me to, nicely.

I am just a shell

Of what I used to be,

How do I stop myself from staring

Into the abyss I carry within me?

I am one and all.

This universe is for me,

I discard it, but it crawls back

Into me, everytime.

What will I gain?

What will I lose?

Let me just mourn for all of it now.

My tattered bones cling to the ground

Like a leech.

I will reach out of this space,


Jeemoni Lahkar,




I yearn for the dawns,

That used to be awakened

By the little early risers’ sprightly talks.

I wish to please my fresh eyes,

By looking at the trespassers,

While picking up the fallen fruits.

I care to feel the void in solitude,

Created by the invisible hands of destiny.

Life itself is the meaning of life,

And, it itself is a mystery.

I yearn for the life

That used to be lived by the little ones,

With a strong constitution, and conviction,

Defying the odds.

Dipen Gogoi,




I live among people,

Even if someone hates me,

I try not to run away,

Life taught me in time

How to be amongst people.

That’s true,

And, the practice of cruel reality.

Heramba Nath,


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