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Families of blast victims decry govt apathy

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Oct 30 � Fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of the government towards their grievances, families of the October 30 blast victims stayed away from the official homage paying ceremony that was held at Ganeshguri in the morning.

The function that is held every year in memory of those who lost their lives in the serial blast was reduced to just a ritualistic obligation as was apparent from the quick departure of the ministers and other bureaucrats after lighting of lamps that was followed by an all faith prayer meet.

What was quite conspicuous was the absence of the family members of the blast victims who till last year had attended the function keeping all urgent tasks aside.

�We have noticed that the ministers and bureaucrats just pay their visit to the blast site as a duty. They are least bothered about our difficulties,� said Kamala Choudhury, wife of late Rajesh Choudhury who was the sole bread earner in the family.

It needs to be mentioned here that Kamala and other families of blast victims have been waiting for a chance to express their aspirations and frustration before a public representative which they never got till date.

�We went to the Ganeshguri blast site after the official function was over to pay homage. This is the place where my husband and several others from Lichubagan lost their lives. Time no doubt is the greatest healer, still the gruesome images linger on in our memories,� said Kamala.

Another family member of a blast victim who requested not to reveal her name said that instead of listening to the grievances of the families of the blast victims, the ministers and other high ranking officials are always busy giving bites to electronic media.

This allegation was not baseless. In today�s function itself, it was noticed that the ministers and other high ranking officials including the police were more interested in talking to the electronic media to the utter amusement of the public.

�The quick departure of the dignitaries from the homage site to talk to the electronic media raised the eyebrows. We are even surprised by the absence of the families of the blast victims,� said a trader of Ganeshguri who was present at the function and who had lost his friend in the blast.

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