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Eyes wide shut

By The Assam Tribune
Eyes wide shut
Your mental health can be affected by your sleep.

When it comes to good mental health in teenagers, sleep is an important element. Teenagers are living through a very difficult period of their lives. There is pressure of balancing school, dealing with hormones, peer pressure, etc. On top of that all, they are also looking for some fun, and this can all play a part in how much sleep they get at night. Teens generally stay up late at night, working, doing homework, and playing games with their friends.

So, they may not get the right amount of sleep, and this could have a bigger impact on them than just being a tired and grumpy teenager in the morning. According to Science Daily, sleep experts from the University of South Australia are cautioning everyone on just how important sleep is for teenagers.

Sleep experts are stating that sleep plays a vital role in the mental health of teenagers, and that it is directly linked but often overlooked by healthcare providers. Doctors and experts are not linking sleep to mental health when it comes to treatment and diagnosis. We all know how important sleep is for everyone, but it is especially important for teenagers. Experts say that all the changes that teenagers are going through depend on them getting enough sleep at night. According to John Hopkins Medicine, teenagers need nine to 9.5 hours of sleep every night.

Research has shown that this amount of sleep can help teenagers deal with situations like bullying and social pressure a lot better. It also makes them less prone to depression or anxiety. Research has also shown what happens when teenagers do not get enough sleep. When teens get only six hours of sleep at night, they are more likely to take part in risky behaviours, like dangerous driving.

One of the best ways to make sure you get enough sleep is to put your phone away. While it may seem difficult, the use of technology before bedtime can impact the amount of sleep you get, and it can impact the quality of your sleep.


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