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Erosion hits many areas of Lakhimpur dist; 1 killed

By Correspondent

NORTH LAKHIMPUR, July 8 - The flood situation in Lakhimpur district remains critical as many places experienced massive erosions by rivers affecting hundreds of people. The falling of an electric livewire on stagnant waters in North Lakhimpur town killed a college girl, Dharitree Deka (22) on Friday night as she was walking on a submerged lane in front of her home in Bormuria Tiniali area of the town.

There is no let-up in the rain in the district and the major rivers are in full spate. Their overflowing waters have left many areas inundated for the last one week. The overflowing waters of Subansiri, Ranganadi, Dikrong, Singra, Gabharu, Pabha, Durpang, Sesa and other rivers have flooded the entire district destroying roads, bridges and other communication infrastructures affecting thousands of villagers.

The flood waters have also destroyed many croplands during this peak season of sowing and transplanting. Similarly erosion by Subansiri has destroyed many areas in Bogeenadi, Dhunaguri and Bihpuria. The rising waters of Ranganadi have also threatened its embankment on the right hand side as massive rains have caused cracks on its surface.

The release of dam water by NEEPCO�s Ranganadi Power Plant at Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh is also forcing the riverine population to pass sleepless nights in North Lakhimpur these days.

In North Lakhimpur, incessant rains have left many areas waterlogged for several days as the town does not have a proper drainage system. In another incident, a poor family from Ghunasuti returning from North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital was compelled to pass the night under the open sky in Ghagarghat with a corpse as there was no boat to cross the Subansiri due to the rising waters.

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