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Erosion by Beki river turns serious at Jania

By Correspondent

KALGACHIA, July 24 � Unabated erosion caused by the Beki river that flows through Jania LAC under Barpeta district has created fresh havoc at Guileza in Kalgachia circle and Khatakuchi in Barnagar circle.

Though the river has wiped out houses and land belonging to about 80 per cent villagers, the Government of the department concerned to control the erosion for which the condition of the people living in the riverain areas has turned miserable.

It needs mention here that in the last few years, the river has eroded large parts of villages like Kharballi, Mowamari, Kasukati, Sutirpathar, Minisimla, Doukmari, Golia, Charcharia, Lachanga, Bardanga, Kamarpara, Showpur, Alipur, Mazidvita etc leaving the people homeless. Since 2001 to 2010, about 1500 families in three mouzas - Jania, Ruposi and Titapani under Jania LAC have lost their homes and cultivable land. Not ten per cent of them have allegedly been provided financial support by the Government. During the last one year, the river washed away many schools, mosques, temples and other institutions in the villages like Bardanga, Guileza, Khatakuchi, Sonpura, etc.

On the other hand, once again the river has turned ferocious at Bardanga, Khatakuchi and Guileza, wash away houses and land belonging about 20 families. Many other are spending sleepless nights as they will have to dismantle their houses at any moment. It is learnt that the affected families have lost property worth about Rs one crore. The people have strongly decried the inactive role of the Water Resource Department.

It may be mentioned here that a team of leading persons of greater Kalgachia, led by M Mozammel Hussain, ex-principal of Nabajyoti College recently visited the affected area. A section of the affected people, expressing concern over the temporary attempt to control the river, informed the team that though an amount of Rs 45 lakh under NREGA scheme was sanctioned a few months ago by Revenue Minister Bhumidhar Barman to instal porcupines in Guileza area, the work was left half-done. The few posts installed are so low that the river current easily washed these away, the villagers alleged. Some of them have even urged the department concerned to give them financial help from the remaining money under the scheme.

The affected people also alleged that though a handsome amount of Rs 5.67 crore was released under the CRF scheme last year by the State Government massive corruption was indulzed in by the contractors in the name of installing porcupines and constructing dam, because of which the erosion of the river has taken a serious turn.

The alert sections, putting emphasis on the protection of greater Kalgachia area, urged the Government to take fruitful steps to check the river erosion scientifically and permanently.

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