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Prabal Baruah's journey from CID to 'Mur Xekh Gaan'

By Abdul Gani
Prabal Baruahs journey from CID to Mur Xekh Gaan

Guwahati, Sep 20: Prabal Baruah has written and directed some of the most popular television series in Hindi in the last 15 years. Now he is based in Mumbai. After making his presence felt in the tinsel town, Prabal Baruah is making his first ever-Assamese feature film – 'Mur Xekh Gaan'.

"'Mur Xekh Gaan' or 'The Last Song' is my labour of love. I have been working on this film for more than a year. It's a drama… basically about relationships. It's about a story of a father and his son. It's about a young man who is born and brought up in Mumbai, who has never been to his hometown," Baruah told The Assam Tribune in an interview.

Baruah has written and directed the film. Bijoy Dowerah, an advertising filmmaker, also based in Mumbai, has produced the film. Dowerah has written the dialogues and lyrics. Ajay Singha has composed the title song and the background score as well. Sound design and mixing is done by Debajit Changmai and Amrit Pritam. Both Changmai and Pritam are national award-winning sound technicians based in Mumbai.

"It is his journey to Assam – literally and metaphorically – to discover his father whom he thought he knew over the years," Baruah added.

Baruah has written and directed more than 100 episodes of 'CID' which is India's one of the longest-running crime thrillers on television. He has also created, written and directed 'Guturgu' which is India's one of the first and longest-running silent comedy series on television.

Apart from that, Baruah has also written and directed a number of hit series for various televisions. He has also written, directed and co-produced 'Strawberry Point', a single-actor thriller.

So, what took him so long to make an Assamese film?

"It's that I didn't want to make a film in Assamese. In fact, I have been willing to make one for the last 10 to 12 years but I was too caught up with work in Mumbai with television and OTT works," Baruah who was born and brought up in Guwahati, added.

But for Baruah 'Mur Xekh Gaan' or 'The Last Song' was the script he was looking for over the years.

"Maybe a bit of laziness and I was within my comfort zone… also I was a little apprehensive as I don't know many people (film fraternity) here. Also, I didn't have a script which I would have loved to work on. I didn't want to pick up any random story. I was looking at something (story) which is a reflection of me, my land… something that is rooted… Now I got everything right," he reckoned.

Arun Nath, Mridula Baruah, Kamal Lochan, Arghadeep Baruah, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, Pratibha Choudhury, Ronald Hussain, Achinta Shankar, Pranabjyoti Barman, Prabin Dutta and Kaushik Nath among others will share the screen. Srijani Bhaswa is making her debut as an actor in the film.

The film is scheduled to be released across Assam on October 14.

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