Puja Gupta, [email protected]

While redoing your living room space, make sure you avoid some of these common mistakes.

Who doesn’t want a home which radiates happiness and positivity! And giving a makeover to your house can help you get your dream home. The living room is a space where we spend our maximum time, and so it should be cool. If you are planning to redo the interiors of your living room, here are a few key points shared by Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture, which must be kept in mind.

Are you leaving floors and corners empty?

Never leave floors and corners of your living room empty because these are the two areas that primarily engage the eyeballs of your guests as they enter the house.

Not creating a focal point?

As far as the makeover of your living room is concerned, creating a focal point is of prime importance like a lavish centre table, or a nice flower vase, or a glitzy chandelier and the likes.

Not giving enough attention to the theme?

Living room makeover is incomplete without a particular theme.

Most of the designers focus on creating a particular theme for your living room so that it reflects your thoughts, moods and your love for a particular segment. Retro, musical, patriotic, Bollywood are some of the very popular themes you can try.

Ignoring the contrast?

Contrast is one of the most important aspects of a living room makeover. No matter what colour combination you go for, contrast should never take a backseat.

Filled to the brim?

Are you one of those people who likes their living room space to be a showroom for whatever you have in your house? Never do this! Always keep at least some space empty in your living room so that the space appears bigger than its actual size. Keeping some areas as they are, without stuffing up every inch of the living room is highly advisable.

Welcoming only bright lights?

Some people always prefer bright lights in their living room so that everything appears glitzy and shiny. Using bright lights in the makeover of a living room will make the space appear too uniform and will lack contrast. Try using a mix of bright and dim lights to give your living room a balanced look.