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Double celestial treat for sky gazers tomorrow

By The Assam Tribune

NEW DELHI, Sept 20 (PTI) - A double celestial treat awaits astro-enthusiasts tomorrow with Sun, Earth and Jupiter making a straight line in the sky and Uranus appearing brighter and bigger.

"On September 21, the king planet Jupiter will be opposite the Sun which will be 180 degrees from it," SPACE Director CB Devgun said.

Jupiter will rise opposite the Sun at sunset, touch its peak at midnight and set at sunrise, he said.

When the Jovian planet will be at or near opposition, Earth comes closest to it and the biggest planet will shine brightly in the sky.

The Jupiter will be glowing at -2.9 magnitude.

Sky gazers can see Sun, Earth and Jupiter make a straight line in the sky, Devgun said.

The exact time of Jupiter's opposition is 17:07 PM, while it will be 3.954 AU Astronomical Units (AU) from the Earth.

Jupiter oppositions occur every 13 months (398.9 days).

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