Deva Kumar Bhattacharyya passed away on January 15, 2021. A tall, fair and handsome man, Deva da belonged to the rare breed of lawyers who are in-depth in the art of cross-examination. He did not author any book but the words uttered during the course of the arguments in court can be found in law journals.

Deva da was undoubtedly one of the brilliant advocates we had in our State in our time. He began his career without any godfather. He had tremendous self-confidence, phenomenal energy and strong will power, and had an eye for the scarcest resource – talent, and he could bring out the best. Kings rule and leaders motivate. A first-rate senior, many of Deva da’s junior colleagues have now attained places of eminence.

He exemplified in his own life the philosophy of plain living and high thinking. He maintained incredible simplicity. His wife Sabita Bhattacharyya, daughter Uttara Bhattacharyya and sons Abhijeet and Bablu and son-in-law Justice Achintya Malla Buzorbarua, all belong to the legal fraternity.

He was a good teacher who taught law at Gauhati University Law College for some time. A kind-hearted and compassionate man, he had the ability to connect and build bridges to end misunderstandings. His wit and humour still reverberate among us. May his soul rest in peace.

– Dhiresh Narayan Chowdhury