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Concern over fate of rhino horns in KNP

By Correspondent

KOHORA, June 22 - A cross section of local people in Kaziranga have expressed serious concern over the fate of rhino horns recovered by the Forest department after the natural death of the species since last many years. Kaziranga Divisional Forest Officer Suvasish Das has firmly ruled out the possibility of rhino horn recovered by Forest staff being stolen from the Kaziranga Forest department, since a lot of formalities are required to be observed by the department once the horn of rhino is recovered from the National Park .

After maintaining proper register including the data compiled in the register book meant for Government of India, and later intimating the detailed information of rhino horn including the date of recovery, total weight of the horn, to the Principal Secretary to the government and sealing it in presence of many senior Forest officials, and sending the sealed horn to the District treasury department, it is impossible for someone to steal the rhino horn from the department.

Meanwhile former Director of Kaziranga National Park Surajit Dutta said that a wild allegation like someone siphoning off rhino horns from the office of Forest department at Kaziranga would simply lower the morale of frontline Forest guards who face all kinds of odds inside the park at Kaziranga while moving out for patrolling even at odd hours. He said the increasing population figure of rhinos today is because of the hard and brave work of those frontline staff. So it is very important for anyone to note that motivation and good teamwork always prevailed among the Forest guards. Assam Government has already transferred some dedicated officers to Kaziranga for better protection of rhinos and other wildlife, sources said.

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