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Concern in Gossaigaon as 4 Covid-19 cases detected in nearby Alipurduar

By ANN Service

GOSSAIGAON, May 3 - Public concern is growing in Gossaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar district as Covid-19 positive cases have been increasing at Barovisha in nearby West Bengal�s Alipurduar district.

Till now, four positive cases have been detected at Barovisha, which is only 10 kms away from the Assam-Bengal border through NH-31 (C).

Gossaigaon subdivision is adjacent to Dhubri and Bongaigaon districts. Residents of Gossaigaon subdivision are worried over the positive Covid-19 cases in nearby Barovisha, and in Bongaigaon and Dhubri districts. After seeing the positives cases of nearby Barovisha who have been quarantined in their own State, the Gossaigaon civil and police administration have sealed the Assam-Bengal border so that nobody can intrude into Assam.

Four quarantine facilities are being maintained at Gossaigaon subdivision since a long time. Stranded people are reaching their homes by various means and through walking. The GRP and RPF personnel after detecting them within Gossaigaon Haat Railway Station track and hand them over to Gossaigaon Police for the mandatory quarantine.

The administration here informed that five persons of Barovisha went to Delhi for medical treatment and were quarantined there. They returned home on April 27 and were again quarantined at Barovisha by the Bengal Police, four persons were found Covid-19 positive.

Hence, Gossaigaon Police and Simultapu police outpost are in constant touch and have sealed all roads, subways, link roads etc., leading to Gossaigaon so that no outsider can enter the State without the knowledge of the administration. Barricades and strong vigilance has been set up. Everyone, including police and the civil authority are trying their level best to safeguard the green zone status of the area.

Trucks stranded: Thousands of goods-laden trucks have been stranded in between Gossaigaon-Srirampur on NH- 31(C) owing to sanitisation being carried out in the bordering areas of West Bengal since the last few days.

As several Covid positive cases have been detected within Alipurduar and Coochbehar districts of West Bengal, a fullscale sanitisation programme is going on. But as the trucks have been compelled to stay put at the same spot, the drivers and their helpers are suffering from shortage of food and water. Due to the lockdown, all sources of food have dried up.

Perishable goods inside the trucks are also getting damaged. Raw material inside the trucks should have been despatched quickly to their destinations at the instance of the police forces of both the States. But till the time of filing this report, no action was forthcoming in this regard.

In the meantime, the nearly 10 km-long queue of stranded trucks is causing great concern to both the transporters and the common people. The plight of the drivers and their helpers is beyond description.

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