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Civil Hospital clarifies on �toilet birth�

By Correspondent

WILLIAMNAGAR, July 17 - Williamnagar Civil Hospital, under fire after a woman gave birth to a child in the toilet of the hospital, has clarified on the event that led to the delivery under such circumstances.

The FKJGP had earlier accused the Civil Hospital of neglect after the birth of a child allegedly in the commode of the hospital.

�On the night of July 7, the expectant mother, who was giving birth to her fourth child was admitted to the hospital, complaining of abdominal pain and other complexities. A check up was done and we found that dilation was minimal. When she complained again at about 11 pm, another check was done and dilation was taken at two cm (10 cm dilation is required for birth),� clarified the hospital authorities.

The authorities further stated that the mother and her husband were advised to immediately inform if the pain returned so that emergency services could be activated.

�Since there was no complaint from the mother, the nurses went to attend to the other patients. After the nurses returned, the patient�s relatives complained that the mother had given birth in the toilet floor (not in the commode as was reported). She reportedly went to relieve herself when the birth took place but there was no complaint,� added the authorities.

Immediately after the birth, the mother and the baby were attended to by the nurse on duty and there was no further complication,� they said.

In another incident in Samanda PHC a woman delivered her child in the hospital bed but not in the labour table.

The understaffed PHC, only has two nurses out of which one has been deployed to Ampati, leaving only one nurse to work 24x7 catering to patients, it was explained.

On the fateful day, the staff nurse was out for lunch when the mother reached the hospital. She was immediately taken to a bed by the ANM nurse. Before she could inform of the emergency, the mother delivered.

�Both mother and child were fine and the nurse attended to them and a doctor too went to check on the patient�, said a source from Samanda PHC.�

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