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City residents demand speed breakers

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Sept 30 � Reckless, rash driving has become a serious problem for the Guwahatians. True, those perpetrating the crime are their fellow people, who have been making good, smooth-surfaced roads bane for their own people in many city localities.

This has been highlighted by the developments like installing speed breakers by the people in many city localities and the growing demand for such speed breakers in the other city localities.

The latest among the proponents of the demand are the people living in the Dispur S K Baruah Path localities of the city.

They allege that since the improvement of the about one-kilometre-long SK Baruah Path, which links the GS Road and the Beltola-Basistha Road, they have been living under tremendous threat to their life. The threat is more perceived in the cases of the womenfolk, elderly persons and the kids.

The people driving vehicles on the road take it as a racecourse and they are least bothered about the plight of the pedestrians or cyclists using the road.

The SK Baruah Path links GS Road at the Udeshna Cinema point with the Beltola-Basistha Road at the Wireless point. The State Bank Learning Centre, an SBI ATM, the OBC Association office, and a nursery level school are located along this road and there are more than five bye-lanes of this road. It is a thickly populated area.

Significantly, a portion of the road gets half of its width blocked during the office hours due to the people coming to the SBI Learning Centre and the ATM using this portion of the road as an open garage. The road has no footpath on either of its sides, alleged the people of the locality.

They allege that due to sheer luck no major accident has occurred on this road so far. But if things are allowed to go in the present way some major tragedies may strike any of the people living in any of the localities situated along this road at any moment.

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