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City hospital uses non-surgical method to treat brain aneurysm


GUWAHATI, June 6 - GNRC Hospitals for the first time in the North East successfully performed the treatment of cerebral/brain aneurysm with a flow diverter stent implant.

�This procedure is a pinhole non-surgical method used for treating complex aneurysm cases. Brain aneurysm occurs when an abnormal or weak spot on the arterial wall of brain bulges and gets filled with blood. It is a life-threatening condition as its rupture can lead to a stroke known as haemorrhage,� a GNRC statement said.

The flow diverter stent implant was performed on a 59-year-old female patient. She was admitted with a small complex wide neck aneurysm in the brain. She has been dealing with the symptoms like headache and vomiting few weeks before admission.

A flow diverter stent implant is an endovascular method used for treating complex aneurysm cases. The flow diverter stent is taken inside the body through a pinhole in the groin and deployed along the diseased blood vessel.

�The device diverts the blood flow away from the aneurysm, reconstructs the artery and thus heals the aneurysm. The advantage of this procedure is that there are minimal chances of post-operative memory and speech issues or paralysis,� it said.

On proper medical evaluation, Dr Firdaus Ahmed, senior consultant, neuro interventional Surgery, GNRC Hospitals, opted for this pioneering technology that used minimal invasive intervention. He is the first doctor in the North East to perform the successful implant.

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