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Charter proposes steps to protect indigenous people

By Spl Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Aug 5 � ULFA may have dropped the demand for sovereignty, but its charter of demand is varied and high on preservation of the identity of the people and protection of indigenous culture and right to engage in specific relationship with foreign countries for promotion of mutual trade, commerce and cultural relationship.

The charter of demand called the framework of charter for negotiation to resolve the issue between Assam and India and signed by chairman, Arabinda Rajkohwa gave a brief account of the history of Assam and how British snatched away sovereignty of the people of Assam after the Yandaboo Treaty of 1826. �The people of Assam have suffered historic neglect and disdain at the hands of Government of India, There is, therefore, real grounds for a struggle to uphold Assam�s inalienable rights, which had also led to the rise of ULFA,� it said.

The people of Assam today feel insecure in their own national homeland and have been left far behind. To achieve such objectives, ULFA proposes that negotiations be initiated between India and the �people of Assam� to bring in measures Constitutional and otherwise of wide scope that certain urgent political, economic, social, cultural arrangements be undertaken and completed within reasonable time-frame by Government of India.

The 12 broad groupings under which negotiations are proposed to start include grounds for ULFA struggle and their genuineness, status on missing ULFA leaders and cadres, constitutional and political arrangements and reforms including protection of identity and material resources of the local indigenous population of Assam.

Illegal migration, its effect and impact and required remedies including sealing of international borders, river patrolling and development of a native force to man the borders, ethnic issues and problems and constitutional restructuring including settlement of border disputes and removal of encroachment, restoration, protection, preservation and spread of indigenous culture of Assam in all its variety are some other aspects.

The ULFA has also called for financial and economic

arrangements including of all royalties on mines and minerals including oil, land and natural resources including right of natives to the land, flood control and management.

The economic demands included industrial growth, development of infrastructure, removal of transport bottleneck, development of entrepreneurial skill, availability of credit, infusion of capital leading to industrial take-off.

The outfit has also called for right to engage in specific relationship with foreign countries for promotion of mutual trade, commerce and cultural relationship.

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