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Campaign at Dibrugarh against N-energy

By Bureau

DIBRUGARH, Feb 23 � Around 20 volunteers belonging to the People�s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) campaigned here since this morning as part of a train yatra from Kanyakumari to Dibrugarh.

Having undertaken the yatra on February 19 from the Kanyakumari Station for their second anti-nuclear campaign across the country, the team arrived here this morning by the longest passenger train in India, Vivek Express (No.15905), plying through the States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and Nagaland.

Throughout the trip, the activists have been distributing handbills in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Odiya, Bengali, Assamese, Hindi and English in a bid to create awareness among the people about the adverse impact of nuclear energy.

The activists said they want to point out to the citizens of India �the plain truth� that �nuclear power is not cheap, not clean, not safe, not healthy, not moral and it is certainly not the answer for our energy needs and for global warming issues.�

They said the Central government is bending the nation�s own liability law in order to enhance the profits of foreign countries such as the United States, Russia, France and others.

�We plan to ask our people if we should behave like slaves and help foreigners re-colonize our country all over again, or if we should think like leaders and solve our problems with originality and creativity,� said one of the PMANE campaigners.

The team is scheduled to reach Thiruvananthapuram on February 28.

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