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Call for consensus among Nagas

By Correspondent

DIMAPUR, March 25 � An association of various Naga tribes living in the border areas with Assam has asserted that it is imperative to bring about a consensus among all tribes in Nagaland for a lasting solution to the border problem. The consensus should be based on historical perspectives for the final demarcation of the inter-State boundary between Assam and Nagaland.

A concept paper released by United Naga Tribes Association of Border Areas (UNTABA) described the border issue as a �relic of historical injustices starting from the British colonial policy of divide and rule and the Government of India�s unwillingness to address the issue for more than a half century�.

The concept paper prepared by UNTABA chairman Hukavi T Yeputhomi also stated that the entire stretch of the Assam-Nagaland border from Peren district in the southwest to Mon district in the north was �an imposed artificial boundary not based on historical reality�. The UNTABA is of the view that only a broad consensus among Nagaland tribes that the issue be based on historical facts such as � British survey reports, pre-independence records, 9-Point and 16-Point Agreement and various other bipartite and tripartite boundary agreements signed between the Governments of Nagaland, Assam and the Government of India at various periods can resolve the issue.

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