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GUWAHATI, Feb 2: Tour operator fraternity of the State expressed disappointment for not providing any direct benefits to the tourism stakeholders which has been one of the worst-hit sectors by the pandemic.
They said that the Budget has left them devastated as there is nothing for the tourism sector.

The fraternity stated that even though there is mention of infrastructure development by way of roads, railways and even ports, but it does not provide any direct benefits to the tourism stakeholders.

The operators expected a lot more from the Budget.
“There were no tourism-specific benefits even during the Aatmanirbhar package announced in May 2020. We had to look for ways to fit in with the schemes announced for other sectors. With no specific relief packages from the government, the collapse of organised tourism in the country is imminent,” the tour operators said

“Our only hope now is the Paryatan Sanjivani scheme announced by the State government in September 2020,” they added.

“Tourism in the country is looked through the lens of other infrastructure development programmes hoping that this will help the sector. While there is no doubt that good infrastructure is required for all-round development, including tourism, this approach cannot push for real tourism growth. Tourism must be taken as a priority sector which employs 10 per cent of the workforce and it is the second largest contributor of foreign exchange,” they further said.