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Bread samples from Meghalaya sent for tests

By Correspondent

SHILLONG, June 23 - Breads samples from Meghalaya have been sent to the Assam Public Health Laboratory and the results are awaited if these contain any carcinogenic compounds. Most of these samples were sent from the State capital, but random samples were also sent from different districts of Meghalaya, Health Minister AL Hek said today.

The samples were collected by Food Safety Officers from various bakeries. The laboratory will test if the bread samples contain potassium bromate and iodate. Potassium bromate is added to the flour as an oxidation agent. It strengthens the dough while maintaining its elasticity and also makes the bread whiter.

However, potassium bromate has been classified as a carcinogen and is banned in Japan, Europe, China, Britain, Canada and other countries. India, too, has joined these countries after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India recently banned potassium bromate as a food additive.

�We are waiting for the test results and if these bread samples contain the banned substance, necessary action under the Food Safety and Standards Act will be taken,� Hek said.

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