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BJP responsible for Nagaland crisis: Rahul

By Staff correspondent

SHILLONG, Jan 31 - Congress president Rahul Gandhi today blamed the BJP government for the present crisis in Nagaland and said the �Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has lost credibility.�

Interacting with mediapersons here Rahul gave a detail of the issue and said, the Prime Minister had apprised Sonia Gandhi about the Naga accord.

However, the Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur were kept in the dark and were not aware of the accord, neither was the Union Home Ministry, the AICC president said.

�Nobody understands what the government has signed. Nobody understands about the document. It is like the same idea of demonetization and the implementation of the GST in midnight. This is the style he (Modi) functions. There is no sense to ask the stakeholders,� Rahul said.

He said because the Prime Minster does not feel that he needs to ask anybody while taking a decision such problems like the present issue in Nagaland.

�That is what Nagaland is reacting to. Nagaland is saying we do not believe in the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of India does not have credibility. Not only the people of Nagaland are saying this, but a large number of people in India do not believe in the Prime Minister anymore,� the AICC president said.

The AICC president, however, did not give a direct reply if the Congress would boycott the elections, but other party functionaries quickly jumped in and said that a meeting of the party would be held to decide on the issue.

He said that youngsters, farmers who voted for Modi as they were promised two crore jobs and better prices for their crops respectively now do not believe in the Prime Minister.

He further attacked the BJP saying that the BJP is of the belief that if �money is thrown on a problem, the problem would be solved.� He said that Churches are being offered money.

Spl Correspondent adds: Congress president Rahul Gandhi�s Good Samaritan act on a flight from Delhi to Guwahati on Tuesday has left fellow passengers awestruck.

Comments by passengers, who were travelling with Gandhi, who was on his way to Shillong on campaign trail, has gone viral. Gandhi helped fellow passengers stow their luggage.

�Passengers onboard a Delhi-Guwahati flight were in for a pleasant surprise when Congress president Rahul Gandhi extended them a helping hand on Tuesday. The Gandhi scion reportedly helped some of his co-passengers in arranging their luggage in overhead cabin space, tweeted one passenger.

However, there were adverse comments too with one passenger wondering whether this was Rahul�s effort to connect with the �Aam Aadmi� or just an opportune photo-op ahead of the election season.

He had showed a similar avatar before the Gujarat election, too, when photos of him waiting in a queue to board an aircraft at the IGI airport in Delhi had gone viral, tweeted another passenger.

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