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Bid to create awareness on animal welfare laws


GUWAHATI, March 5 - Purr Paws Foundation, Humane Society International, India, and Puppy Rescue Crew Foundation organised an interactive session at Purr Paws Foundation Shelter a few days back.

Attended by over 30 participants, the session was aimed at creating awareness about the animal laws under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act for the welfare of animals, for a better human-animal coexistence and highlighting the importance of adopting plant-based diet for human health, environment and eliminating the suffering of farm animals.

The session featured an interaction with the participants about the current egg, meat and dairy production consumption practices, which was very much unsustainable and causes tremendous suffering to animals.

�Globally 60 billion animals are raised and slaughtered for food each year but still we are unable to eliminate the three main SDGs goal (No Poverty, No hunger, and Clean water sanitation), and therefore, we need a sustainable solution for a better and green future. The solution lies in adopting a plant-based diet, transition from industrial farm animal production to more sustainable, animal-welfare friendly forms of agriculture as well as reduction in animals raised for food,� a statement from the organisers said, adding that raising billions of animals for food each year contributes significantly to climate change, pollutes air and water, and uses a tremendous amount of land, water and other precious resources.

Nandini Baruva, founder of Purr Paws Foundation, Noyonika Gogoi, campaigner of Farm Animal Protection, Human Society International India and animal advocate, Dr Prerana Gogoi, founder director of Puppy Rescue Foundation, and Urmi Barooah of Purr Paws were among the speakers.

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