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BCM loom: a ray of hope for weavers

By Correspondent

SUALKUCHI, Dec 31 � Besieged with multiple problems of modification methods in weaving and embroidering motifs on cloths, here comes a ray of hope in the form of BCM loom, an automatic-cum-manual loom through which one can weave plain cloths with embroidered border using electricity and embroider the motifs on the cloth manually.

This new innovation by Bhagaban Chandra Mahanta, a primary schoolteacher, would provide opportunity for the first generation entrepreneurs to increase production as well as to develop business potential. Moreover, it will reduce manpower as one weaver will be able to operate four looms at a time. The problem of hiring skilled weavers can also be addressed by this innovation.

Bhagaban Chandra Mahanta is a science teacher of Sualkuchi MV School. A man who likes creativity and innovation, Mahanta inherited some handlooms, but was not satisfied with their traditional technology. He installed powerlooms but could not succeed in designing the Assamese mekhela chadar on it. This led to the making of the BCM loom with its unique technology. Mahanta has already applied for a patent for the BCM loom.

Mahanta, who has innovated the modified automatic loom after four years of hard work, said this loom based on the traditional taanasal can be operated manually as well as with power. During powercuts, weaving on this loom can be done manually. In this loom weaving of plain cloths can be done with electricity and within two minutes designing of motifs can be done manually, he said.

The BCM loom is superior to the conventional one and the speed of weaving increases 80 to 100 beats per minute. The speed of weaving in traditional loom is 40 beats per minute. Moreover, in the BCM loom, the essential works like the manual widening of weaving cloth, lightening of the drum to keep the warps stress, change of position of sley and shafts, etc., will be done automatically. Besides, the frame of the BCM loom is mounted on iron structure and so it is more durable than the wooden structure.

The BCM loom is designed in such a manner that an unskilled worker can weave the cloth with electrical power at a much more cheaper cost. The BCM loom is a new system of technology in the weaving industry.

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