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Bank scams will tarnish India�s image: VP


SHILLONG, April 16 - Vice President Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu today said that scams such as the recent ones involving banks will tarnish the image of the country and therefore urged B-school graduates not to violate corporate ethics.

Addressing the graduates of Indian Institute of Management, Shillong during its IXth Convocation, the Vice President said: �As future leaders for Brand India in a fast developing economic power with social and demographic challenges, your behavior must be exemplary through the display of highest moral and ethical standards.�

�This is all the more important in the wake of the recent bank scams in the country. Such scams will tarnish the image of the country. Complete degeneration of values and the absence of fear of law are obviously leading to deviant and crooked behaviour among the people,� the Vice President said.

Therefore, he added, it�s important to adhere to values of honesty, integrity, truthfulness and adopt the best practices. �Corporate ethics should not be violated,� he said.

He further said that as the graduates step into the real world they should develop an attitude of caring and sharing. �Somehow, qualities like gratitude, empathy and concern for fellow human beings seem to be missing in the modern world of materialism and consumerism,� he noted.

Naidu said that in the olden days, in the joint family system and living with members of a larger family which included grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings, the children used to develop caring and sharing attitude.

�Try to be erudite but polite, creative but responsive, innovative but evocative. Be humane, inclusive and environmentally conscious,� he suggested.

Touching on climate change, he said, global warming and the resultant climate change is a reality and therefore �we should never tinker with nature, but protect it.�

Stating that there will be opportunities galore for youngsters in the days ahead, he said, the Asian Development Bank has said that India�s economy will grow at 7.3 per cent this fiscal, making India the fastest growing Asian economy.

He further said that India is predominantly young, as 65 per cent of people are below the age of 35. So this rich human capital needs to be converted into a �demographic dividend and make India the knowledge and economic hubs of the world.�

�We are still saddled with many challenges like poverty, illiteracy, social discrimination, atrocities against the weaker sections and women, lack of sanitation, imbalanced development with rural areas lagging far behind their urban counterparts. We need to overcome these challenges and build a prosperous, inclusive new India. We need to progress faster,� he said.

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