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Banded kraits rescued in Tezpur brought to Zoo

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Sept 5 - Two Banded kraits, said to be the most poisonous snake species to be found in Assam, were rescued in Tezpur and brought to the State Zoo today.

�It is among the five most poisonous snakes to be found in India,� Zoo DFO Tejas Mariswamy said.

The serpents were rescued by �snakeman� Saurab Barkataky yesterday from separate houses at Kolibari and Porbotiya of Tezpur.

�When the news of the rescue was flashed on TV channels, the Zoo authorities contacted the Forest department here and requested them to hand over the snakes to the Zoo. The Chief Wildlife Warden also issued directions in this regard,� Barkataky said.

Both the snakes � a male-female duo � are over seven feet in length, he said.

The snakes were today handed over to the Zoo authorities in the presence of Conservator of Forest (North) P Sivakumar, DFO Devendar Suman and other forest officials.

The snake species is unique to eastern India.

Due to its unique external morphology of bearing alternative black and yellow bands on dorsal and belly portions, it can be easily identified without any confusion. It lives in and around wetlands, open forests, agricultural lands having low vegetation and open water bodies, etc, and strictly prefers wet surroundings for its activities. It is essentially a nocturnal species, though it can be seen during early morning as well. It is shy and usually non-aggressive.

Barkataky has rescued over 300 snakes this year, mostly cobras from different places of Tezpur.

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