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Authorities flayed for not solving problems

By Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, March 30 � About 40 minutes of incessant rainfall is enough to inundate many parts of the new areas of Guwahati, while an incessant rainfall of about one hour duration is enough to inundate many of the old areas of the city these days. This is due to the anathema of the authorities concerned to solve the storm water-related drainage problems of the city, alleged voluntary organisation Save Guwahati Build Guwahati (SGBG).

SGBG president Dhiren Barua told this correspondent that the areas like RG Baruah Road, Nabin Nagar, New Guwahati, Mathgharia, Japorigog, Satgaon, Hengrabari, Chandmari, Bamunimaidam, Bhaskar Nagar, Fatasil Ambari, Udalbakra, Lalganesh, Mathura Nagar, Dwaraka Nagar, Rupnagar, etc., get inundated in the event of rains falling for about 40 minutes. The RG Baruah Road, an arterial road of the city, gets flooded after an hour of incessant rains.

The old areas, including Panbazar, Ranibari, Rehabari, Santipur, Lakhtokia, Ambari, Uzanbazar, Kumarpara, Ulubari, Chatribari, Pandu, Maligaon, etc., also get inundated in the event of one hour of incessant rains, said Barua.

The main reason for this deplorable situation is the clogging of the natural and man-made drainage channels, obliteration of the wetlands that served as the natural stormwater reservoirs; raising of the levels of some of the roads without taking into view their impacts on the neighbouring areas, failure of the agencies like the NF Railway to synchronize their developmental activities with the drainage needs of the neighbouring areas of their developed sites, etc. Moreover, the nefarious acts by some bureaucrats and politicians of allotting land of the natural drainage channels, wetlands, hill areas, etc., together with encroachment on such areas, has made the situation worse, said Barua.

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