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Attendees of Athgaon Masjid�s �Mashwara� quarantined

By Correspondent

DHUBRI, April 11 - At least nine persons from Dhubri subdivision and 12 persons from Bilasipara subdivision, who attended a �Mashwara� programme at Athgaon Kabarstan Masjid in Guwahati, have been mass quarantined.

It was informed by the local markaz and district administration that all these members of Tabligi Jamaat went to Athgaon Kabarstan Masjid on March 11 and stayed their with both the Covid-19 positive cases of Dhubri district and returned on March 12. They attended a meeting in the Masjid on March 12 and out of all the attendees, till now three were found Covid-19 positive. And out of these three, two are from Dhubri district.

The 1st Covid-19 positive case of Dhubri District came from Delhi�s Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat congregation and took part in the meeting at Athgaon Kabarstan Masjid. He stayed with one Rahimuddin, who was recently declared as the 2nd Covid-19 positive case of Dhubri district. All the 21 persons of the district also attended the same meeting in the Masjid and stayed there.

Many of the attendees of the meeting including both the positive cases of the district also visited the Bilasipara Markaz Masjid and came in close contact with many, due to which the district administration has sealed the Masjid and declared the areas as �Contaminated Zone�.

The persons from Dhubri area have been quarantined at DRDA guest house near Dhubri Civil Hospital, while the rest who belong to Bilasipara subdivision have been quarantined at Borkanda PF Academy and Chapar Madrassa HS School.

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