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ATSU concern over distortion of Tiwa songs

By Correspondent

MORIGAON, July 3 - The All Tiwa Students� Union (ATSU) has expressed its serious concern over the distortion of several traditional folk songs and dances of Tiwa community.

In a press release, Kandarpa Hukai, president and Pranjal Amphy, general secretary, ATSU said that several so-called modern artists have distorted the original form of several songs and dances which are the backbone of the rich heritage of Tiwa culture. Citing examples, the president and the secretary said that the songs and dances of Borot festival of Tiwa were completely distorted by some artists as seen in the social media.

The ATSU further said that the translator of Tiwa Makhawali Khorla album, the producer, singers had completely distorted the original Tiwa Makhawali songs. Likewise, Jina Rajkumari produced Tiwa Jakoi Lange Lange song in a distorted manner. And one Madhuri Gogoi also presented the Tiwa Tauling Borot song with wrong pronunciation of Tiwa words. The ATSU has warned all concerned not to distort the Tiwa language and culture which will affect the greater Assamese society and culture.

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