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What are the traditional games played during Magh Bihu?

By The Assam Tribune
What are the traditional games played during Magh Bihu?

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Guwahati, Jan 13: Apart from feasting, bonfires and merrymaking, Magh or Bhogali Bihu is also about celebrating the traditional games of Assam. Though it is regarded as the harvest festival or the 'festival of feast', traditional games are an intrinsic part of the celebrations.

Some of the field events of the festival among others include, 'Rosi-tona' (tug of war), 'Tekeli bhanga' (breaking a pot blindfolded), 'Godhur bostu doliuwa' (shot put), etc.

Traditionally, 'Bulbuli soraai juj' (Nightingale fight), 'Kukura juj' (Cock fight) and 'Moh-juj' (Buffalo fight), etc were an integral part of the festival, however, a few years back these games have been banned by the apex court.

In 2014, the Supreme Court had banned all kinds of animal fights and races and asked the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to ensure that no pain or wound is inflicted upon the animals in the name of organising fights or races.

Despite the court's order calling for a ban on animal fights and race across the country, people still organise the traditional buffalo fight as a part of Bihu celebrations.

The buffalo fight has been a traditional game of the state which had received royal patronage during the Ahom rule. The traditional games are used to be organised for the amusement of the Ahom royalty.

The buffaloes are bathed, adorned and made to lock horns in the fields.

People practise and train themselves for these games and competitions. Roosters and buffaloes were also trained to fight and some people place bets on them. The game is played purely for entertainment purposes. The animal fights are an entertaining sport organised during Bhogali Bihu. The events are enjoyed by old and young alike.

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