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Sanitary pads distributed among women in Irongmara

By Staff Correspondent
Sanitary pads distributed among women in Irongmara

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Silchar, Sept 25: Amidst the changing perspective towards menstruation and period talks, young members of Leo Club of Silchar Greater reached out to the women in the Irongmara area of the district and distributed sanitary pads to 50 women of the locality on Friday night.

The initiative was supported by the Lions Club of Silchar Greater. Neha Chakraborty, president of Leo Club of Silchar Greater said," we realised the hygiene quotient is of crucial importance especially in the rural areas and accordingly we thought of distributing sanitary pads and reached out to the women here in Irongmara area. We distributed sanitary pads to 50 women and communicated to them on the benefits of using the pads which would not only help to balance the hygiene factor but would also keep the surroundings clean."

Debosmita Biswas, charter president Leo Club of Silchar Greater informed on Saturday that while women experience every month, menstruation is a matter of discomfort to be shared with family members and in the public domain. "While the mindset regarding period talks is gradually changing in the urban areas, there is a need for more awareness in the rural bases. Women in rural areas are used to traditional methods which raise the possibility of various types of bacterial infections. They do not usually opt for sanitary pads as they find them not cost-friendly. But, things are changing and sanitary pads are available at affordable rates. Maintaining proper hygiene during the period phase is a must for every woman to stay safe, and I believe this can only be done if we remove the taboos in the society for which more awareness is the need of the hour," Biswas maintained.

She was quick to inform that the Leo District 322 G is also promoting the theme 'equality above all,' and as a part of the initiative, the male members of Leo and Lions Club of Silchar Greater are taking part in spreading awareness on such an important social issue.

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