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Inhumane cattle smuggling method discovered in Dhubri

By Correspondent
Inhumane cattle smuggling method discovered in Dhubri

AT Photo 

Dhubri, July 9: An inhumane and alarming technique for smuggling cattle to Bangladesh from the Dhubri district of Assam has been uncovered, highlighting the lengths smugglers will go to in their illicit activities. The new method involves tying cattle to banana tree rafts to transport them across the flooded river to the neighbouring country.

This bizarre scene unfolds just 100 metres from the international border between India and Bangladesh in Biskhowa Village, Dhubri. Smugglers have been tying one to two cattle by their necks to two parallel banana tree rafts, which are then set adrift in the river in a bid to carry them into Bangladesh.

The discovery was made in the early hours of Tuesday when Kanu Biswas, a local fisherman, spotted a cow in distress, tied to a banana tree raft on the banks of the Bishkhowa river. Biswas quickly alerted the village guard, who then informed the police. Upon arriving at the scene, the police managed to rescue five cows from the cruel and inhumane setup.

This method of smuggling not only underscores the desperation of smugglers but also the extreme risks and cruelty inflicted on the animals involved. The police are now investigating the incident to identify and apprehend those responsible for this illegal activity.

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