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Green corridor: 68 year old patient with post-COVID complications could not be airlifted to AMRI Bhubaneswar, brought back to SMCH

By Staff Correspondent
Green corridor: 68 year old patient with post-COVID complications could not be airlifted to AMRI Bhubaneswar, brought back to SMCH

Silchar, June 1: In swift turn of events, a 68-year old patient admitted at Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) with post-COVID complications who was scheduled to be airlifted to AMRI Bhubaneswar for better treatment as desired by the patient's family had to be brought back to SMCH after his health condition reportedly deteriorated at the airport, sources said.

ASI Traffic Santanu Das informed that amidst the statewide partial lockdown a reverse green corridor will be made for easy facilitation of the patient back to the SMCH. Earlier in the day, the patient was taken out from the SMCH around 3 pm in an ambulance and the Cachar District Administration and police made arrangements for a green corridor which was kept for 15 minutes for smooth transport of the patient who was escorted to the airport. However, credible sources at the airport informed that the medical staff in the air ambulance had checked the health condition of the patient and suggested not to airlift the patient following which the patient was headed back to the SMCH.

Meanwhile, Dr Bhaskar Gupta, vice principal of SMCH informed that the patient named PK Misra was admitted with COVID complications on May 5. He was shifted in the ICU as he had developed severe COVID symptoms. However, on May 11 when his RT PCR test yielded negative results, he was shifted to central ICU because his lung had compromised and he became oxygen dependent. "We have learnt that the patient's oxygen level has further dipped and he is being brought back to the hospital here again. Once the patient reaches the hospital, we will keep him under treatment at the central ICU, Dr Gupta maintained.

It may be mentioned that Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli has issued an order on May 31 stating that the patient who is under treatment at ICU bed no.2 at for post COVID complication at the SMCH is granted "No Objection Certificate" and is allowed by the District Administration to shift him to Bhubaneswar, Odhisha by air ambulance as desired by the daughter of the patient vied an email dated May 30, 2021. The order further said "the expenses are being borne by the patient's family who is also making the choice of shifting the patient despite medical advice from SMCH, taking the onus of entire responsibility knowing the condition of the patient may deteriorate after removing from ICU services of SMCH against medical advice. The air ambulance is granted the required permission to land and fly back to and from Silchar airport on May 31 to Bhubaneswar." However, the Deputy Commissioner on Tuesday informed that even though the permission was granted for Monday, but due to inclement weather it is scheduled for Tuesday. The air ambulance has also agreed to transfer the patient.

In another instance a year ago, a youth affected with COVID-19 was airlifted from a private hospital to AMRI Kolkata for better treatment amidst a 20 minute green corridor.

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