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Fear of 'black-man' continues in Dhubri district

By Correspondent
Fear of black-man continues in Dhubri district

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Dhubri, August 4: Even after multiple attempts by Dhubri Police to discard all rumours regarding 'Black-man', people are coming out at night to protect their area from the unseen gangs robbers that are believed to come in black dresses.

In many villages as well as in many areas of towns in Dhubri District, men and women from all age groups soon come out of their homes carrying bamboo sticks and even swords to protect their families from the gang of prowl, 'Black-Man'. Out of fear these people have been guarding their areas since last one month, every night till dawn. In a few areas the guarding system has been managed by a committee that distributed duties of night guarding against 'Black man'.

Talking to this correspondent the villagers have expressed that none of them has seen 'Black Man', but they are scared of unfortunate events that may be caused as they have heard of the incident by this group of robbers dressed in black, who take lives. Most of the people guarding their society have expressed that they have come to know about Black Man either from social media or through word of mouth.

"We know that police is saying that Black-Man is a Rumour, but we can't wait till an unfortunate incident happens", said Vijay Choudhary an educated youth guarding his colony at Bahadurtari area of Dhubri Town he also added that they starts guarding at 11 PM and continues it till 4 Am. "Will the administration take risks, if a life is lost due to Black man", added Choudhary.

Jyoti Kumari, A student from the same area explained, "Black Man is an idea. It may not be anything specific but it's a concept against the rising crime during the night time. We are guarding our society against the increasing incidences of theft and robbery, with the onset of the ongoing Pandemic situation".

Meanwhile, Dhubri SP Abhijit Gurav stated that Police will take steps against any person who are spreading rumours of 'Black Man' and has requested the people to not get terrified by any such rumours.

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