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Aviation fuelling services start at Rupshi Airport

By Correspondent
Aviation fuelling services start at Rupshi Airport

Dhubri, July 12: The historic Rupshi Airport that started in the midst of the ongoing pandemic has recently started an aviation fuelling service, from its premises.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) Aviation Fuelling Wing will provide the service from Rupsi Airport, which will not only facilitate the airlines but also give a boost in increasing the number of flights from the airport that was constructed during the time of World War-II. ATR flights from the airport started operating from the airport on May 8, after it remained abandoned for about four decades. Airlines by FlyBig started their operations in the renovated Rupshi Airport by flying an ATR-72 airline to Guwahati and Kolkata.

HPCL Officials, Md. Abbas Abdi and Vipul Gupta stated that it's great news for Rupsi Airport as from now onwards aircraft will be able to tank fuel at Rupsi airport itself. Earlier flights coming to Rupsi had to refuel from Guwahati and Kolkata but now Rupsi airport is also ready to serve Aviation Turbine Fuel.

The officials added that the Aviation Fuelling Service in the airport currently has a tankage of around 20 kilo litre and in near future they have plans to expand it to upto 50-60 kilo litre. The existing facility can serve all flights landing at Rupsi airport which is currently about 10 per week, with tankage expansion plan coming up for 50-60 kilo litre fuelling can be served upto 50-60 flights per week, informed the officials.

However, the officials of the airport stated that this is a significant development at Rupsi Airport and this facility will attract more airlines in the airport that may result in flights, introduction of new routes from the Rupsi Airport.

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