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Assam: Elephant calf reunites with mother after 3 days in Tezpur

By The Assam Tribune
Assam: Elephant calf reunites with mother after 3 days in Tezpur

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Sonitpur, July 7: Amidst the flood situation, a heartening incident took place in Assam’s Sonitpur district after an elephant and her calf that got separated while escaping the floods reunited after around three days on Saturday.

According to sources, the elephant and her calf entered a forest area in Tezpur to escape the floods on July 2. However, they were suddenly isolated at that time, and the distance of the mother elephant from her calf was gradually increasing.

After being separated from its mother, the calf took refuge in the backyard of a house belonging to one Hemanta Keot in the Bam Parbatia area on July 3.

Hemanta has an old well in his backyard, and anticipating the possibility of the calf being injured by falling into the well, he informed Saurav Borkakati, a former honorary wildlife warden who received an award from the Assam Government, keeping in view the safety of the baby elephant.

Borkakati reached the spot and changed the course of the calf towards Devi Singh Ghat, hoping it would reunite with the mother.

It is learned that the hilly area of Devi Singh Ghat is a habitat for wild elephants. Wild elephants from various forest areas, including Kaziranga and Sonai-Rupai, roam on the hill. Borkakati believed that the mother elephant would come and reunite with her calf in this area.

Meanwhile, the mother elephant entered several places in Tezpur after she was separated from her calf. The agitated animal also reportedly trampled on a 10-year-old girl in the Salmara area on Friday night. The child was rushed to the hospital and is said to be out of danger at present.

On July 6, the calf finally reunited with its mother, sources informed.

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