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Assam post 5-wkt win against Railways

By Sports reporter

GUWAHATI, Jan 9 - Assam posted a comfortable five-wicket victory against Railways in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy T20 Group C match at the Reliance Stadium, Vadodara today.

Railways piled up a challenging 142 after being asked to bat first. But the total was not enough as riding on a cracking 43-ball 77 by opener Pallav Das, Assam reached the target in 18.2 overs losing five wickets.

For Railways wicket keeper Mahesh Rawat was the top scorer with unbeaten 72 off 47 deliveries. He hit seven boundaries and three sixes.

Rookie Mrinmoy Dutta and Amit Verma were the leading wicket takers for Assam with three victims each. Pallav gave Assam a solid foundation hitting eight boundaries and three sixers.

He added 46 runs each for the first wicket with Sib Sankar Roy and for the third wicket with Syed Mohammad which virtually took Assam to the safe shore.

It was Assam�s second victory in five matches. Earlier they went down to Vadodara, Delhi and Andhra and won against Goa. In the last match Assam will play against Madhya Prasesh tomorrow.


Railways: AUK Pathan lbw b Dutta 12, PY Deshetty b PP Das 25, B Vivek Singh c PP Das b Dutta 1, SP Wakaskar c Arun Karthik b PP Das 5, M Rawat not out 72, AN Ghosh c Roy b Amit Verma 17, KV Sharma c Syed Mohammad b Amit Verma 0, Akshat R Pandey c Syed Mohammad b Amit Verma 3, Ashish Yadav c Arun Karthik b Dutta 2, Anureet Singh not out 0. Extras: (lb 2, w 3) 5; Total: (8 wickets; 20 overs) 142. Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-30, 3-46, 4-47, 5-102, 6-102, 7-124, 8-135. Bowling: Arup Das 3-0-25-0, Abu Nechim Ahmed 3-0-34-0, Mrinmoy Dutta 4-0-23-3, Pallav Das 4-0-16-2, J Syed Mohammad 3-0-22-0, Amit Verma 3-0-20-3.

Assam: Pallav Das c Sharma b Ashish Yadav 77, Sib Sankar Roy c & b Sharma 7, Amit Verma st Rawat b Ashish Yadav 4, J Syed Mohammad not out 36, Amit Sinha lbw b Anureet Singh 4, KB Arun Karthik b Anureet Singh 1, Wasiqur Rahman not out 12. Extras: (lb 2, w 4) 6; Total: (5 wickets; 18.2 overs) 147. Fall of wickets: 1-46, 2-73, 3-119, 4-125, 5-127. Bowling: Anureet Singh 4-0-30-2, Akshat R Pandey 2-0-28-0, RL Mali 3.2-0-40-0, KV Sharma 4-0-21-1, Ashish Yadav 4-0-20-2, SP Wakaskar 1-0-6-0.

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