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Artificial eggs detected in Kohima

By Correspondent

DIMAPUR, July 1 - Detection of suspected artificial eggs sold in a shop near Bethel Hospital in Kohima created fear among the public on Friday evening.

Three Naga youths, who jointly run a roadside snack stall near Old MLA Hostel, reportedly bought eggs which after being cooked appeared to be �abnormal� with a thin and soft outer shell.

They reportedly purchased a carton of eggs from a grocery shop near Mao Market on Wednesday. The youth unsuspectingly boiled the eggs and fried them, preparing for a snack which is a regular demand.

However, finding out that the outer layer of the eggs appeared different, they reportedly examined some eggs in other crates and found out that uncooked eggs had a rotten odour while the boiled eggs were odourless.

They returned the remaining eggs from the carton to the retailer immediately but did not know whom or where to lodge a complaint. On Friday evening, when inquired about the matter, the persons manning the grocery store confirmed that a carton of eggs was returned by a customer but as they were not aware, the crate is now blended with the other crates.

Joint Director of Health & Family Welfare, Dr Kevichusa Medikhr�, who is in charge of the Food Safety Cell, said the matter has been brought to his notice. Food Safety officers have already been detailed to collect samples of the alleged �plastic eggs�, he said.

He informed that the samples would be tested in the State�s food testing laboratory. Only after examination, they would be able to tell whether the eggs really contain plastic/synthetic material or not.

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