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Successful surgery at GNRC Sixmile restores health for 49-year-old woman

By The Assam Tribune

Guwahati, May 11: In a major breakthrough, GNRC Hospital, Guwahati successfully treated a 49-year-old woman suffering from a complex array of health issues.

The patient initially presented with symptoms of increased fatigue, weakness, and difficulty concentrating at work. Upon consultation with an endocrinologist, she was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. Routine blood investigations revealed elevated serum calcium, alongside low phosphorous and high parathyroid hormone levels.

Further investigation, including MRI neck imaging, unveiled a tumour on the right lower parathyroid gland. The collaborative efforts of GNRC Sixmile's Endocrine Surgeons and General Surgeons led to the skilful removal of the tumour. Immediately post-surgery, there was a notable reduction in parathyroid hormone levels, confirming the success of the procedure.

At the time of discharge, the patient's parathyroid hormone and calcium levels had returned to normal. She expressed high satisfaction, reporting the disappearance of lethargy and bone pain. Additionally, her blood sugar and blood pressure levels returned to normal, indicating comprehensive recovery.

"This case underscores the importance of timely intervention and collaborative efforts in treating complex endocrine disorders. We are delighted to witness the patient's swift recovery and restored quality of life”- stated Dr. Dipti Sarma, expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

The successful outcome underscores GNRC Sixmile's commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services and reaffirms its vision of Health For All, Smiles For All.

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