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A beacon for breakthrough

By The Assam Tribune

With their strong voices, innovative ideas and desire for change, the youth holds the power to influence the dynamic world of ever-evolving global affairs. Amplifying these voices often results in a revolution led by the leaders of tomorrow for a new improved world. Based on this very ideology, the youth-led organization TeenScript was founded by Aryaneel Shivam as a creative media agency hoping to empower the youth and cater them with extraordinary educational content in order to boost their personal growth and journey. TeenScript is an organization strictly run by the youth, for the youth. The firm believe in the capabilities of fellow young members of society and their vision to bring in a new perspective to International space led to the birth of TeenCon. It is the brainchild of TeenScript founder Aryaneel Shivam along with fellow secretariat members Chinmay Kalita and Dhruvaditya Das.

The first edition of the TeenCon Model United Nations, to be held at Axel Public School, Guwahati from 19-21 April 2024 is a conference meant to provide a platform to the youth to showcase their strong storytelling, skilled diplomacy and creative genius. It is more than just a mere Model United Nations conference; it’s an effort to fuel the passion for global citizenship and polish the skills of dialogue, critical thinking, and leadership. It aims to cater the future diplomats and journalists with an amazing learning experience with some of the best personalities of the Indian MUN circuit. Teencon serves a platform to empower and unite young minds all over the northeast to tackle pressing international concerns. With the overarching common theme of building bridges and creating solutions it takes a close look into the complexities of international relations and global challenges ranging from climate action to social change.

The growth of a massive forest always begins with a single seed; hence, the aforementioned conference also focuses on the very basics of diplomacy with committees specifically designed according to the proficiency of its delegates. From beginner committees to advanced level flagship committees, anyone can join the conference and hone their level of skills and interests. A huge emphasis is put on understanding and appreciating both the beginners as well as seasoned delegates with the goal of providing an overwhelmingly fun and learning experience for all.

The conference had received over 700 registrations across the northeast and is now set to begin its diplomacy journey with over 300 delegates.TeenCon 2024's agenda covers a diverse range of international issues, reflecting the complexity of global as well as domestic diplomacy. From addressing human rights concerns to environmental degradation, it aims to test the delegate’s thinking and problem-solving abilities.

The TeenCon works in order to have an indelible impact on its attendees even beyond the three day conference, empowering them to become positive change agents in their communities and beyond. By promoting a sense of responsibility and global awareness, it equips youth with the skills they need to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Behind the scenes, Teenscript serves as the drivingforce behind TeenCon, embodying its commitment to youth empowerment and global engagement. With a talented team of skilled organizers and volunteers, Teenscript strives to create an inclusive and enriching experience for all participants.As TeenCon 2024 draws near, the stage is set for a transformative journey filled with inspiration, collaboration, and enlightenment. In the spirit of unity and solidarity, the youth embark on a quest to shape a brighter tomorrow, one diplomatic resolution at a time.

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